Rock N' Humboldt

Some of the classic rock n roll music and more still recognized in Humboldt County


February 2017

Woodstock ’69

On the topic of famous music events, I can’t fail to mention another famous music event in history, Woodstock Music Festival at New York back in 1969. Also containing a famous superb lineup this music fest brought thousands together just enjoy some good music despite what was going on at the time.


Live Aid ’85 Concert

Now although Live Aid Concert happened years ago in 1985  it is still an event that should be remembered today. This not only brought many bands of all genres but it was a charity event that fund-raised money.

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones Show in Arcata

Pink Floyd Member to Make a New Solo Album

Acording to Classic Rock magazine, co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is on to make a new solo album and has released the title of it being “This The Life We Really Want?” Found out more about his new album on the magazine’s website.


Beatles vs Stones Show in Arcata, CA

Yesterday February 19, Beatles and Stones tribute show occured in Arcata Theatre Lounge with many people attending. Here is a quick view of how the tribute bands perform.

Arcata Theater Event

The Arcata Theater is having an event with two tribute bands to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, both bands considered to be the best in rock history. Be sure to check out more info on the theater’s website and stay updated on any other events similar to this one.


Check Out Classic Rock Musicians Uniting Together

Team Rock has recently released an article on their website explaining how the band Guns N’ Roses were surprisingly welcomed by fellow AC/DC guitarist Angus Young to Sydney where the band is currently in their Not In This Lifetime tour. It’s awesome to see how these bands look out for one another. Team Rock has released articles like this on their site on many musicians of the late rock era keeping up to date on their daily lives. Feel free to check them out.

Some Classic Rock Songs For You

A list of what this user believes to be the top 50 classic rock songs including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and much more bands. Do you agree or disagree with this list?

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