Rock N' Humboldt

Some of the classic rock n roll music and more still recognized in Humboldt County


March 2017

Upcoming Event at the Arcata Theater Lounge: Boombox

While this music event is a classic rock show, it is an electronic performance following the rock and blues to get people dancing. We had to get exposed to modern music sometime right? Well that will be electronic music or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Take some time to check it out at the ATL on April 9th!



Grateful Dead Cover Band At Arcata Lounge

Last Saturday, a cover band for the legendary rock group Grateful Dead, named The Grateful Dead Experience, performed at the Arcata Theater Lounge and had a live performance of the groups many songs. Be sure to stay updated of any upcoming rock groups coming to the Lounge soon.

grateful dead sign

Here is Some Queen Music For You

Well Freddie, you aren’t being stopped any time now. In honor of a Queen Monopoly Game being released I’ve decided to post this song. Don’t let that stop you be sure listen to all their music! Freddie’s voice is amazing.


Ultimate Classic Rock just covered that legendary band Queen has their own monopoly game and I’m soo stoked about it! This just made Monopoly way more fun, Check out the article on their website and stay tuned when the game will be released.


Ricky’s Passion for Guitar

He may not play rock and roll, but he does play Latin Rock and more and who am I to ignore his talent?

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