Rock N' Humboldt

Some of the classic rock n roll music and more still recognized in Humboldt County

Famous Album Covers: Rolling Stone Mag

Well this is rad. Rolling Stone has covered Hipgnosis, the photo production company behind the many famous album covers of musicians and bands that most of us are familiar with. Definitely recommend for you all to check out the article on their site!

Rolling Stone


Soul Night at Humboldt Brews

This is a treat. Check out Soul Night at the Humboldt Brews venue presented by Arcata’s Missing Links Records store. Soul music is a great genre of music that I strongly believe shouldn’t die out. Stop by and dance to some soul! More info at the Humboldt Brews website.

Soul Night

Rock the Redwoods III at ATL

If you have the time go check out Rock the Redwoods III at the Arcata Theater Lounge next week! A band named Object Heavy will lead the concert that is also a silent action that benefits Redwood Parks Conservancy. For more info check out the ATL’s website/

Roc the Redwoods

New Music Releases for May 2017

Ultimate Classic Rock Magazine brings us the new music set to release for May of this year. Many from bands most of us know and love, some old and some new music be sure to check out the article on the site!

UCR Music

Take a Listen to Chuck Berry

For those of you that don’t know legendary rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry past away last month and it was a huge loss for the rock and roll community. His famous guitar playing will forever live on! Furthermore, a Chuck LP has been released recognizing his famous work, highly recommend for you all to listen! Check out the new LP one hasn’t been released since 1979. Rest in paradise Chuck!

Paul Simon Tribute at Arcata Playhouse

There will be a tribute show to Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel, by many Humboldt County Musicians. Be sure to check it out this weekend!

ARC Playhouse

Inside The Beatles Outtakes: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has recently released an article on the outtakes of one of the famous albums by the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for it’s 50th anniversary. It’s pretty interesting as you can learn some unknown facts about each song from the album. Check out the article on the site!

Rolling Stone 2

Pink Floyd Experience in Arkley Center

This weekend there will be a Pink Floyd concert experience at Arkley Center for Performing Arts located in Eureka, California. Don’t pass up the opportunity of feeling what it’s like to be in this legendary band’s concert.


Destinee and a Piano: Audio Slideshow

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